We are digital innovators and problem solvers; and we love what we do.

Who we are

MODN exists to empower brand visionaries. We understand that every business is unique - and they all deserve a bespoke and tailored approach. That’s why we solve technical problems in a way that is 100% designed around your individual hopes and needs.

Whether you’re looking for something custom built or want to utilise the huge variety of off-the-shelf software in the market, we’re here to help.

Our Values

We believe that work should do good and feel good. It’s something we’re pretty passionate about. It’s why we will always do the best for you - the client - while making sure that our team is continuously stimulated and challenged. If that means bringing in an extra expert, we’ll do it. If it means adjusting a project to make things work (even if it’s harder!), then you’d best bet that we’ll be all over it. We don’t chase profits. We chase impact.

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Faces behind the business

Daniel Jones.

Daniel Jones

Dan is our Managing Director. He loves developing new businesses (and collecting new skills along the way) and is rarely seen without a cuppa in his hands (it’s bordering on an addiction). He’s been a developer for over a decade and therefore loves popping in to lend a creative (and code-enthused) eye. It also gives him an opportunity to share his many random facts with you - just smile and nod, one will eventually come in handy. 

Annie Lawton.

Annie Lawton

Annie is our Junior Developer; she’s the woman who makes it all happen. Pre-MODN life she was an Oracle Database Administrator, so she’s well-versed in utilising software to find solutions. She’s the Yin in the team, and when she isn’t knee deep in development you’ll find her flowing on the yoga mat or curled up under a blanket with a good fantasy book.

Sarah Bond.

Sarah Bond

Sarah is our Associate Designer, and she’s Creative with a capital C. She’s been a professional designer for almost a decade (including working with big shots such as eBay and Sodexo) after graduating with a Graphic Arts degree back in 2012. She loves all things digital design, and you’ll even find her dipping a toe into the world of branding now and again. Outside of the wonderful world of website design, she’s a cat and car lover and is also a pretty avid gamer (and a competitive one at that!).

Who we’ve helped to transform

Peonies & Bees
Miss Estruch Biology
Adapt Digital
Steadfast Collective

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